Tuesday, September 11, 2012

HP Pavilion G6-1d60us Laptop Review

Microprocessor 2.5GHz/1.9GHz VISION A4 Technology from AMD with AMD Dual-Core A4-3305M Accelerated Processor
Microprocessor Cache 1MB L2 Cache
Memory 4GB DDR3 SDRAM (1 DIMM)
Memory Max Maximum supported = 8GB
Video Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6480G Discrete-Class Graphics
Video Memory Up to 2037MB total graphics memory
Hard Drive up to 2037MB total graphics memory
Multimedia Drive SuperMulti DVD burner
Display 15.6-inch diagonal HD (8) BrightView LED-backlit display (1366x768)
Network Card 10/100BASE-T Ethernet LAN (RJ-45 connector)
Wireless Connectivity 802.11b/g/n WLAN

Sound SRS Premium Sound with Altec Lansing speakers
Keyboard Full-size keyboard
Pointing Device Touchpad with on/off button
PC Card Slots
  • Digital media card reader for Secure Digital and Multimedia cards

Top Customer Reviews:

1.This is a good basic laptop. It automatically finds drivers for hardware,laptop parts was easy to set up out of the box and got me on the internet in minutes. The back lighting on the screen is very good to excellent. It is as fast as I need for internet browsing and selling on [@]. Photo upload was fast. Overall speed is fast but if you're looking for the ultimate laptop, and you need all the bells and whistles, keep looking. Came with a start up Microsoft Office package which is sufficient for document modification. The speakers are basic but I plug in my Harmon Kardons that boost the sound nicely. The touch feature on the mouse pad is a great feature. Just tap it and it responds. The USB ports are too close together. If your USB has lots of girth, you may need an extender. I found one for $1 that has 4 ports with lots of room between them. All in all a good value for the buck.
2. I bought this computer for my dad's 60th birthday. He's definitely not tech savy. laptop batteries was able to setup the computer on his own with ease. I wish the laptop would allow you to choose software you would like to have included with it versus having to delete bloatware. There is a good amount of bloatware on it and ads. The mousepad is a bit temperamental and takes time to get used to it. Beware, the Microsoft Office is a trial version only on this laptop. Overall, hp adapter a great basic computer with good construction and is very user friendly. I paid under $350 for it and I think that was a reasonable price.
3. I recently received the HP Pavilion g6-1d60us Notebook PC and have not had a great deal of time to evaluate it; but from the brief exposure I am satisfied. It set up easily, functions well, is simple to use and looks great. If hp battery continues to function as it has I will be very satisfied. I appreciate the textured finger pad as I am not very good with the usual finger pads on laptops and the textured pad is much easier to use. So far, it is a terrific value for the money spent.
4. I would have given the computer a 4.5 rating if I could. I have purchased five HP Pavilions and have one older model. The only thing I liked about the old one is the touch pad. It seems the new one has a mind of its own...turning off, shrinking the screen and maximizing the screen when it's bored. It maybe that it's not off-set enough so your right palm hits it. asus zenbook ux31 adapter also has a weird raised pattern rather than the older model that is less comfortable. I think the Pavilion g7 now has an off-set touch pad and I bet it is less twitchy. Other than that the computer is great.Samsung AA-PB9NS6B Battery life is excellent. Overall use is easy. I did lose one of the screens to a power cord being closed in the computer so I would recommend the extended warranty since the replacement is as much as the computer but don't pay more than one hundred dollars for the warranty.
5. I am not a power user and don't need a top of the line machine. I added 4GB of memory for a total of 8. It speeded machine up a lot. I am very happy with this laptop now. Like Windows 7 but hate that other windows programs are not compatible. Recovery programing let asus ux31e adapter try software and recover when it caused problems. The average computer user will be overjoyed with the performance. I havent had it long enough to speak to its reliability but so far so good. I use computer to write occassional letter, search internet, email, listen to music radio and bluetooth/telephone file transfers. This computer can handle those tasks easily, many at once.
6. I purchased this laptop computer because my old computer stopped working. One day the power button failed to turn on. The cost of this new computer was the same as the cost of fixing my old one. I'm so glad I bought this new HP laptop. It runs so much better than the old one. It is fast, easy to use, and I love the crystal clear large screen. The best part is-it was such a great price at Staples and their technician got it ready for me to use as soon as I brought it home.
7.Unlike other laptops I've owned, this one's battery life isn't horrific. asus adp-150nb can actually last more than three hours on a single charge, which is great for a college student. It's got enough memory to handle anything I throw at it, Graphics that are up to par to handle most games, A processor that doesnt stall for any programs, and a display that doesnt strain my eyes. Everything is sized nicely. The sound is pretty good too. Couple that with the efficiency of this machine, and it's price tag, and we've got ourselves a great deal here.
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