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Asus U46E-BAL6 Laptop Review

Processor2.7GHz Intel Core i7-2620M
Memory8GB, 1,333MHz DDR3
Hard drive750GB 7,200rpm
ChipsetIntel HM67
GraphicsIntel HD 3000
Operating systemWindows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
Dimensions (WD)13.1x 9.6inches
Height1.1 inches
Screen size (diagonal)14 inches
System weight / Weight with ac adapter4.8 pounds / 5.6 pounds

The good: The Asus U46E-BAL6 has an excellent keyboard and a well-designed frame, and comes packed with a fast processor, ample connectivity features--WiMax and USB 3.0 included--and plenty of hard-drive space and RAM for an aggressive price.

The bad: The laptop doesn't have dedicated graphics, and the battery life is good, but we've seen better.

The bottom line: A strong design, tons of features, and plenty of asus charger make the Asus U46E-BAL6 one of the best 14-inch laptops we've seen all year.

Customer Reviews:

1.I loved the look and feel of this laptop at the best buy store, and thought that even at $849 that this was a decent buy. When I found out that they were dropping prices by $150, I knew I had to have it. asus battery just got it by mail yesterday, and my initial impressions are that this is a well built laptop with good performance. A dedicated graphics card would have been nice, but the on board card is doing a fair job. The speaker(yes, count one) sound tinny, as the other reviewers have also noticed. I also would have loved a backlit keyboard. The battery life seems very good. I also really like the way it looks with the aluminium finish, and I do not see any smudges. Overall, a fine buy, and I would give it 4.5 stars. It may have its faults, but for the asus ux31 adapter I would certainly recommend it to anyone(with the possible exception of hardcore gamers).

2. This laptop is all that I need. It works well and I am very pleased with the compact, light weight design. I have two criticisms concerning this computer. Tthe computer has average battery life, which is about 5 hours. 90-XB34N0PW00000Y good for me, but for those who are looking for a battery life of 8 hours or more, they will not find it in this computer. The computer speaker sound quality is not high, though it works fine. I usually use headphones and external speakers. The sound quality is outstanding with these. Beside these critiques, everything else is excellent.

3. I am so happy with my purchase of this Asus i7 14" Chargeur Asus Zenbook UX31E-Ry010v. The sales people kept trying to pawn me off on a Samsung Chronos for $999, but I fell in love with this ASUS because this also has an i7 processor and 8 GB Ram like the Samsung that is $220 more! I adopted this portable kid yesterday, and let me tell you, this machine is fast! I notice the difference between an i5 and i7 if I am watching YouTube videos. I opened 3 browsers with Youtube, 1080p videos playing at the same time, and this machine never stopped loading. On the main screen, there is a Intel Core i7 monitor that shows how many GHz are used in your applications--the bar goes up to 3.4 GHz! Many i5 laptops are only capable of going up to 3 GHz. Mine was hoovering around 3.09 GHz, which means that my videos will load without slack. Anyway, this laptop has 8 GB of RAM, making multi-tasking a breeze. This machine is really quiet too as the fans are on the side of the computer, not the bottom like other laptops. However, I do not like the CD drive--its cheap plastic, just like the bottom. I could not load my antivirus software in it. I had to get an external usb CD drive instead. It does play DVDs however. I would have liked for it to have a Blu-ray player and a back-lit keyboard, but I can't be too picky. Also, I cannot open my webcam, so I had to get ASUS tech support to help me.

4. So once my old Dell laptop's processor fried itself due to me overworking laptop adapter, I decided I needed to find a laptop with the right specs for me. I do a lot of music production and I'm usually on the go, so I figured this laptop would do the job. Well, when I went to Best Buy to look around one of the employees highly recommended this one. Doing his job, he talked me into buying it without enough research. After telling me it had a Quad-Core i7 processor (which the tag even said it itself at Best Buy), I get home to find out it's a dual-core. Whatever, kinda my fault without doing enough research.
Anyway, between the unnecessary programs that both Best Buy and Asus installed, I ended up having very early registry issues and unreasonable bugs. When I say "very early" I mean the night that I took the laptop home, I was having hardcore technical issues with it and had to reboot the whole operating system. I was never a fan of Windows 7 anyway, but since mine came with 'Home Premium' I was beyond annoyed. By far my most disliked OS I've ever dealt with.
Anyway, performance is decent. Not worth the money I spent, but it gets the job done. I feel like I could have gotten the same performance for half the cash though.

5. i could not believe the price for an i7 dual core 8 gb ram computer so i had to get charger samsung tried it out for about a week now and its awesome super fast super powerful super light i take it everywhere but it comes at a price no dedicated graphics card =( but its not all bad it could still run some pretty decent games with very minor lag (Team Fortress 2, half-life 2, Nexon Games.) are just some examples of games i tried so if your looking for your next gaming laptop this may not be it but if u want something t take anywhere and still pack a punch this is defiantly for you

6. Love this new laptop. Sleek design, looks cool, fast, display super sharp. Track pad is a little difficult to manage, it's too sensitive no matter what settings I use, but I've gotten used to it. Big problem so far is that DVD player isn't working (must be the hardware), and communication with ASUS tech support via email on their site have, basically, not been responded to. Have not yet gotten on phone with them, but it should have been an easy problem to solve via email, and so far they've been solely lacking.

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