Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dell Inspiron N5050 Customer Reviews

  • Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Edition
  • CPU                 Intel Core i3 (2nd Gen) 2330M / 2.2 GHz
  • Display                 15.6" HD WLED True-Life (1366x768)
  • Interfaces 3 x USB 2.0 LAN HDMI VGA Microphone input Headphone output
  • Graphics Processor Intel HD Graphics 3000
Recent Coustomer Reviews:

1.Mainly used for internet browsing and no issues with wireless connections or Windows 7. System speed is reasonable. Screen is a nice size and bright, sound is fantastic with good volume. Battery life is incredible (reading over 6 hrs as we speak). The chassis seems to stay cool and fan speed is quiet, although when 90-XB34N0PW00000Y is quiet in the room I can detect a bit of a hiss from the speakers - have tried turning off both the speakers and mic but it is still there, so perhaps one to sort out with DELL. I do miss the crosshair button from my original Acer which enabled me to easily scroll without having to use the touchpad which can be somewhat awkward to use. Otherwise, a great unit.

2. purchased for family use and so far has been excellent. Only 2 faults- Memory could have been better but as not using for business use is fine. Battery life could be better but you cant have laptop parts all. Easy to set up and connect to internet, even non computer people will manage it, Screen quality and colours are fantastic. Not too bulky so easily portable. Performance and speed cant be faulted so overall brilliant buy especially as i got it on offer.

3. I went shopping for a new desktop computer to play a newly released computer game. The price ranges on the "gaming computers" are obscene. Very much discouraged, I decided to go with an affordable laptop (a.k.a. N5050) so that I had charger dell to browse the web with and such. To my surprise the Inspiron 15 (N5050) Laptop, has been able to run said computer game extremely well. Over-all there is not a lot I can say on a negative note about the N5050. It's extremely affordable, simple in design, quick to boot up and navigate through different programs. I'm already raving about it to family and fellow co-workers. Though I am not normally someone who writes reviews on products, I have been so impressed that I have felt compelled to do so.

4. This is my first laptop and second Dell Computer. Fast, more storage than I need. I have Wifi at home and love being able to use it. I would like dell batteries to be a little lighter in weight but know that new ones are becoming that way. I truly am happy with this laptop and especially Dell products. Great support and prices and plenty of options.

5. This laptop was bought to replace an old HP machine that had died after 4 years. This Dell is so much quicker and the battery life is way longer lasting up to 5-6hours if just browsing internet. Had thought when i ordered that this had a matt screen but has got a gloss one, was not sure if would like that but the screen is so bright and clear that unless you go outside in the sun it's not problem. It's not the lightest or thinist machine out there but i was governed by price and not fashion when making my purchase !!! Overall very pleased with this Dell and would recommend to others.

6. I bought this system to replace my old ageing Inspiron 8600 that is falling apart. I needed a decent budget laptop that I can use at home for general web browsing, studying for my IT exams, playing the odd game and streaming videos and music from my home server. I'm happy to say that it fits the bill very nicely. I was happy to see that the performance is on a par with my old DIY desktop. I would like to have had a backlit keyboard and discrete graphics but I couldn't afford the extra money for these options unfortunately...

7. I purchased this hp chargeur brand new at the beginning of this year. It's my 1st time purchasing a brand new computer, I'd always bought my computers on Craigslist, or the newspaper etc, etc. I went in the store not knowing what laptop I was gonna purchase. All I knew was I was gonna buy a DELL. I've owned two other used DELL laptops prior & both of them were reliable, performed well & long lasting. So why not continue to trust that name? Only this time I wanted one out of the box. I love my new laptop & in 5 to 6 years or so I'm gonna get me another DELL. I thoroughly recommend this product to everyone. - A happy consumer
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