Sunday, August 12, 2012

New HP Laptop 2012

HP Envy Sleekbook 6

The good: The HP Envy Sleekbook 6 has a great design for a great price, and includes Beats Audio and decent graphics.
The bad: You're trading down to AMD's A-series processors, which are not as fast or power efficient as comparable Intel parts. Unlike actual ultrabooks, this doesn't have a solid-state hard drive. Some of the construction still feels a bit budget.
The bottom line: The ultrabook-like HP Envy Sleekbook 6 is the sharpest-looking $599 laptop adapters you're likely to find, although you'll pay a performance premium.

HP Envy 14 Spectre

The good: The HP Envy 14 Spectre has a unique glass-covered design and packs a lot of features into a slim 14-inch ultrabook body, plus its multitouch response is great for a Windows laptop parts.
The bad: It's expensive, especially considering the standard components, and feels heavier than hp adapter should. The glass wrist rest can be awkward.
The bottom line: The first big high-design laptop of 2012, the HP Envy 14 Spectre is a bold experiment that largely succeeds, if you're willing to pay a premium for it.

HP Pavilion dm4-3090se Beats Edition

The good: The HP Pavilion dm4-3090se Beats Edition is a sharp-looking black 14-inch laptop with a hybrid hard drive, a high-res matte display, a very cool red-backlit keyboard, and a subwoofer hp batteries.
The bad: Starting at only $150 less than the all-metal HP Envy, the dm4 has a plastic body parts of which feel cheap in comparison. With thin, lightweight laptops popping up everywhere, it's a bit hefty, and the touch pad can be finicky.
The bottom line: The only real knock against this chic-looking 14-inch multimedia laptop is its plastic body; other than that, this is a great midrange laptop with a unique, eye-catching design asus adp-65jh bb.

HP Envy 15

The good: The updated HP Envy 15 has premium design and performance for a decent price, plus swanky extras such as a backlit keyboard and physical volume control wheel.
The bad: Despite the big touch pad, multitouch gestures are still finicky, and the new look is so MacBook-like, adp-150nb's like HP isn't even trying to pretend otherwise.
The bottom line: HP's Envy line has always been a reliable high-end PC laptop line, and this new redesign adds some useful features, such as a volume wheel, while keeping the upscale look and feel.

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