Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Asus VG23AH LCD review

Connectivity: DVI, HDMIx2, VGA
Ergonomic options: 15-degree back tilt, 4.5-inch height adjustment, swivel
Resolution: 1,920x1,080 pixels
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Audio: Built-in speakers; headphones jack
VESA wall-mount support: Yes
Included video cables: DVI, VGA
Backlight: LED
Panel type: TN
Screen film: Matte
Number of presets: 6
Overdrive: No
Picture options: Brightness, contrast
Color controls: RGB and 3 color temperature options
Gamma control: No
Additional features: Passive 3D

Pros:Given its IPS panel tech, the Asus VG23AH comes with a surprisingly low price tag. It also sports wide viewing angles and great movie performance. Its useful ergonomic features and dual HDMI ports round out an affordable package.

Cons:The passive 3D performance is bad, with terrible ghosting and shallow depth. The build quality feels a bit plasticky, too, and the swivel feature feels a bit stiff.

Summary:The Asus VG23AH nails it in price, features, and 2D performance, but falls flat on its screen in 3D.

Recent reviews:

1. This is a really nice monitor , the 120hz make the game run smooth the 3D option is ok , my only complain is the green tint , I'll spend almost 5 days(around 5 hours a day) trying to get the color right and it is impossible, the monitor look great but the green tint is very notable, I'll gonna returned and get the BenQ XL2420T, this monitor it will be perfect is that green tint goes away, you have two options deal with the green tint or try to calibrate and the green it could be remove laptop battery, but and then you have the pink tint, there are a lots of reviews when the show this issue ( the green tint). Good luck .

2. Great monitor. I would NOT purchase this at the current price ($353.99). I purchased at the $300 level when the Samsung LED-backlit one was out of stock on Newegg. I purchased this monitor for the 120Hz. I still haven't tried the 3d yet.

I LOVE this monitor. I went from a 24" 1920x1200 to this, and the size change was noticeable at first. As soon as I enabled 120Hz, I forgot about the size difference and have enjoyed the monitor ever since. I'm mostly an FPS gamer, so I greatly appreciated this in Battlefield 3. I had to turn down most of the settings to stay around 120 FPS (Fraps) with my GTX 580, but laptop adapters worth it. Prices on 580's are dropping, so I might grab another one at some point so I can turn up some of the IQ settings. It's a beautiful game that I intend to play for a couple years or so. This monitor brings out the action so I can enjoy it that much more.

3. As a 2D monitor, the number one attribute for this screen is that it is bright. Probably one of the brightest LCD screens I've seen in a while. The colors are more accurate than the previous TN style gaming monitor that I had, which is also a plus. But there are a few negatives.

The optimum visual area seems a little bit narrow for me. The left/right and up/down portions of the screen are hard to get looking the same. Perhaps the monitor wants to sit further from the eye than my desk allows. I wasn't crazy about the backlight bleed at the top/bottom of my previous monitor, and this one is slightly worse. It can be a distraction at times.
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I was able to get 120hz refresh rate in my 2D games using the special dual-link DVI cable they provided. It did seem to be a bit smoother than 60gz gaming, but nothing amazingly different. My other other comment is that the control buttons are wonderfully (if not invisibly) hidden into the frame of the monitor. It makes it a bit tricky to find and hit the mushy power button in the morning. Any other button, and I have to bring out the flashlight.

For the 3D, I have to compare it to my iZ3D monitor. The iZ3d was cool in that n45w-01 had polarized sunglasses (no shutters) and the monitor shot the correct image to each eye. The 3D was nice and bright, but there was a great deal of ghosting. With the shutter technology, the ghosting should have gone away, but it is still there, unfortunately. At least it is to lesser degree (like when you have bright and dark objects together, you'll see it.) Distracting, still. The overall image is much dimmer, unfortunately, due to the shutter technology.

I think it is mostly an improvement over my iZ3D monitor, but I'm going to try to find something better in 2D and 3D performance. I take a lot of 3D pictures, and I play some 3D games now and then. The darkness and the ghosting really aren't things that I want to live with.

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