Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Asus ZenBook Prime UX31A-DB51 Ultrabook review

Brand Name Asus
Series UX
Screen Size 13.3 inches
Hardware Platform PC
Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Processor Brand Intel
Processor Type Core i5-3317U
RAM Size 4 GB
Hard Drive Size 128 GB
Graphics Coprocessor Intel HD Graphics

Processor Speed 1.7 GHz
Processor Type Core i5-3317U
RAM Size 4 GB
Memory Technology SO-DIMM
Hard Drive Size 128 GB
Wireless Type 802.11bgn
Number of USB 3.0 Ports 2

random reviews:
1.I ordered this Zenbook Prime UX31A-DB51 ultrabook from Amazon and received it promptly and in perfect condition this week. The i5 proc (newer "ivy bridge" model) has plenty of power for my use (and for almost any average use), and for what I'm using this for, I also don't need more than 128GB of storage, so I decided to go with this model instead of the DB72, which has the i7 proc and 256 SSD. I had been waiting for this upgraded Zenbook to come out for a little while, and Amazon was the 1st place I found that had it available, and I have usually had very good experiences purchasing through Amazon, so the negligible difference in price between Amazon's price and the suggested retail price wasn't an issue. So far, this is everything I thought it would be and I absolutely love it. In my opinion, the display is extremely nice, HD 1080p, and the screen is low-glare, so it looks great and is easy on the eyesight. In addition to the newer model proc, the screen is another nice upgrade from the previous Zenbook. The keyboard is perfect and comfortable (and backlit, which the previous Zenbook was lacking). It's very light and portable, fits in my purse with the included envelope-type sleeve, which is a pretty decent cover, at least until I find a sleeve or case I like better.

Compatible Adapters Model For Asus ZenBook Prime UX31A-DB51:n45w-01,90-xb34n0pw00000y,Asus ZenBook UX21E Adapter

2. I received my long-anticipated Zenbook Prime last night and booted it up. There were at least four big dead pixels in the middle section of the screen, and as some of you will relate to, it's impossible to concentrate on anything else when that happens. I am exchanging for another one (Amazon always comes through almost immediately) and I will update once new screen comes. Ironic Asus touts the screen quality and then don't do a thorough quality check.

Otherwise, I messed around on the computer for about an hour and it's really responsive and very, very compact and light. The only thing I would change is that the borders of the armrest (under the track pad) are very sharp and can irritate your wrists. Be aware of these things when purchasing!

3. I guess it's relative, but I've already installed some programs and windows updates and stuff laptop battery , and to me the fans are very quiet in the zenbook prime when they spin up while installing a bunch of things. I did not own the previous model Zenbook, though, but I do know people who have it and I considered it until I noticed that the Prime model was coming out, so I waited for it. We have 3 other laptops we use at home for work right now (1 Thinkpad and 2 Toshibas) that all have a very loud fan noise when they spin up, and by comparison, the zenbook prime sounds very quiet when the fans do spin up. The seller for the one I purchased was Amazon (not an Amazon re-seller), and the price was 1149.99 (and free prime shipping)

4. I believe that the size and thickness between the Prime and non-Prime is identical, approximately 18mm at the thickest point on both. The Prime does have a backlit keyboard, which self-adjusts depending on the amount of light in the environment, and the non-prime Zenbook doesn't have the backlit keyboard at all. The keyboard backlight was an important feature for me to have too, and I love it. Both have the chiclet style keyboard, but on the Prime, the keyboard is black and the travel is supposed to have been improved over the non-Prime Zenbook. The trackpad was supposedly improved on the Prime as well. I like the trackpad, but have read mixed reviews, and based on other reviews I've read, nothing beats the glass trackpad on the MacBook Air. Another difference between old and new Zenbook is the display. The Prime has full 1080p HD and the non-prime doesn't. Also, there's an upgraded/newer processor model in the Prime ("ivy bridge" model). The older Zenbook uses the older "sandy bridge" model. Another difference, depending on which older model was shipped, is the SSD Hard Drive. Some of the older models shipped with a slower SanDisk SSD, but the Prime (at least the one I have) has the faster ADATA SSD. One minor difference is that the Prime has 2 USB 3.0 ports, and I think the non-Prime has one 3.0 USB port and one 2.0 USB port. Those are the only differences between Prime and non-Prime Zenbook that I know of, and I think they are definitely some seriously nice upgrades to an already great ultrabook :-)

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